Seller Guidelines May 8, 2023

Exactly How Proficient Is That Agent?

How much difference in your home selling experience will your real estate agent make?  The difference between “make and break” actually.  While reviewing new inventory recently, one instance was a perfect case study, that inspired this post.

The most glaring mistake was the cell phone camera photos.  There’s really no excuse to not use a professional photographer these days.  Many of them have very affordable packages which would accommodate any budget.

It was also obvious that the seller wasn’t given any staging advice whatsoever.  Just the basics would have made a difference, for example:

  • Remove the 1,342 magnets from the refrigerator
  • Keep the kitchen counter free of pots and pans
  • Simplify the decor and have the beds made neatly for photos
  • Paint over the satanic symbols in the closet

Really, not a big investment of time and and the effort would make for a more pleasant buyer (and ultimately seller) experience.

What else.  Hire an agent who knows the property values in your town and can demonstrate the logic behind the list price.

This particular home, with a little preparation and more sophisticated marketing, could easily sell for $70,000 over the list price.  And it still might considering the lack of inventory!

Ask where your agent intends to publicize the property…and how.  Will there be video?  Will social media be used?  If so, which venues?

If an open house will be scheduled, where will it be listed?  In this case, although an open house was mentioned in the listing (and only in the agent’s section which is not seen by the public), there was no sign of any open house on any website, which I noticed when checking for the schedule so I could visit with my buyer.

When you’re selling your largest investment, it really pays to have an in-depth conversation with the agent you’re interviewing.  Unfortunately, the bar is set very low for licensure as a REALTOR®.  With the market as hot as it’s been, there are many new agents who have come in who are not providing the level of service that sellers and their homes deserve.

With almost 2 decades (God I feel old) worth of experience and a real sense of obligation to get my clients the best they deserve, it will be difficult to find another REALTOR as devoted to you as I would be.  I do what I love and love what I do!

Let the seller beware!  Or make it an easy selling experience and call me instead. 😊